BMW F82 M4 F82 Injen charge pipe installation & review

Mike @ XPH

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Nov 18, 2016
Las Vegas
Copied from BMW DIY Guy
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This is the full installation DIY video of the Injen charge pipe upgrade! This is a really solid upgrade for your car, even staying at stock PSI from your turbo, but especially so if you are boosting beyond stock.
Mike from Extreme Power House should be your source of performance advice and components for your car, and he has been a real pleasure to work with.
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As far as charge pipes go, this is about as easy as you can get. You don't need a lift or to get under the car at all, and everything is done with a few simple tools listed below. In less than an hour you can bring a new point of performance to your car, plus open the door in solving a possible weak point if you are boosting beyond stock levels.
Required parts and tools:
Injen charge pipes
13mm socket and wrench
10mm socket and wrench
8mm socket and driver
Flat screwdriver
Nice to have:
Electrical tape
Retractable magnet wand in case you drop something
Good lighting
Good music - BB King is always good for car work!