BMW 5 Series F10 install Wheel Stud Conversion Kit


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Sep 11, 2020
Do you know what is Stud conversion?

For one thing, it is easier to replace the wheel hub. German car owners, especially those who have disassembled and assembled wheels by themselves, will have a deep understanding: when installing wheels, there will be an embarrassing situation that it is difficult to align the holes, especially in rainy weather, high speed side and other harsh environments. It is maddening to say. German cars generally use bolts to fasten the hub, while Japanese cars extend the studs on the wheel spacer and fasten the hub with nuts.

Although the effect is the same, German cars need disassembly tool. In addition, today’ s wheels are getting bigger and bigger. 19-inch and 20-inch , which is difficult to operate. Japanese cars have several studs on the hub and put on the wheels. It is easy to tighten the nut afterwards. Therefore, the conversion studs can make the European car "transform" into the form of the Japanese car, so it is called "conversion".


The effect of conversion studs:
1. The process of installing are more convenient, just hang the rims on the studs, and the nuts can be easily tightened;
2. It can support various general nuts of M14x1.5, such as steel nuts, aluminum alloy nuts and titanium alloy nuts;
3. With wheel spacer of various thicknesses, the wheel track can be widened, the ET value of the rim can be corrected, and the brake can be dodged;

It would be a good choice for German cars to install the bonoss forged titanium exposed stud conversion.