Ad: Black Market Parts w/Nelson Racing - In Stock Program


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Jun 19, 2017

After working out some details, and some time to make everything work... Black Market Parts is pleased to announce a partnership with Nelson Racing Wheels to offering customized steering wheels IN STOCK! There is 3 styles to choose from and two trims to choose from.

First is Alcantra. This wheel is a round top, flat bottom in carbon fiber with Alcantra hand holds and BMW Tri-Color Stitching.


Second is Sport. This wheel is a Napa Leather wheel with a round top and flat bottom, with perforated leather at the hand grips and BMW Tri-Color Stitching. Think (M-Sport with Flat Bottom)

Third is Race. This wheel is a carbon fiber flat top and bottom, with a BMW Tri Color stripe, Tri-Color Stitching. The hand holds that are are wrapped in perforated leather.

In addition to the three outstanding steering wheels we offer multiple accessory options (some seen above) such as carbon fiber factory style paddle shifter's, Nelson Racing Paddles, and Carbon Fiber trim options. So regardless your preference we are confident BMP & Nelson Racing has a wheel that will match with your style and needs!
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Nov 2, 2016
Since I was one of the first to get one of these from Black Market Parts with the new partnership between them and Nelson Racing, I told them I'd do a review. To begin with, I'm not a looks guy. I'm more function first, so the idea of a wheel never really appealed to me. I like the factory wheel plenty. That being said, I happened to drive a car with one of the Sport wheels that BMP has in stock from Nelson and I liked it a lot more than I expected; it's like a better version of the m-sport wheel. The carbon fiber trim looked great where the soft touch center usually goes and it was really comfortable to drive. I decided that I wanted one of the sport to replace OEM wheel then and there as my soft touch paint was worn anyway and the wheel was more comfortable than my OEM.

Then I saw the Race wheel. I loved that sport one, but the race was just so damn sexy in person that I HAD to have it. Having driven it now for a month, I have no regrets. The finger grips are more aggressive on the race wheel vs the sport but are well placed on both sides where they should be, the tri-color stripe is a great touch, overall the look and feel of the wheel is just awesome. My car is black with aluminum trim and it doesn't look out of place at all. In fact, the car was recently in the dealer for the blower motor ordeal and the wheel was brought up by the service writer, he was shocked to hear what I paid for it and wanted one for his car. Overall 10/10 I'm glad I bought this thing, it's crazy what a small change can do to bring some life back to the interior after all these years.


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
I'm hoping my electronic performance wheel works with the DCT. If it does not, I'm going to sell it and get one of these.