Big single B58 no longer starts help narrow fown issue?


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Jan 11, 2021
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first startup worked and car idled decently but now isn't. Codes posted below are from when the car started out and ran OK, but no longer really starts up now (attached image us from last time i tried to start it but wouldnt). No matter whether TU/Dorch 2 or Spool Stage 1/2 HPFP selected on MHD, rail pressure only in the high 50s (everything connected) so it just struggles to putter at startup thats it. Everyone wants to blame the Spool HPFP, but with this laundry list of codes i’m not convinced when it ran fine just before and is brand new. Tuner acting like nothing is wrong we don’t need to code these out—is this true? The big single deletes airbox so that’s why there’s the MAF short (DocRace kits still drive on stock tune so should be good there), but could the wastegate short (running a PWG for now) be cutting power? Or any other codes the culprit? Any suggestions i should check?

102613 - Hot film air mass meter, signal: Short circuit to B+

110001 - Cylinder injection cutout: Pressure too low in high-pressure fuel system

120408 - Charging pressure control: Switch-off as consequential reaction

123701 - Electric wastegate, position sensor, electrical: Short circuit to B+

160504 - Crankcase ventilation heating, activation: Line disconnection Inactive

102A58 - Hot film air mass meter, intake air temperature, signal: Short circuit to B+ or line disconnection

11A401 - Fuel high pressure during fuel injection release: pressure too low

11B401 - Fuel high pressure of after enabling injection (2nd ambient conditions set after delat): Pressure too low

21A026 - Combustine engine: Abnormal ignition key or automatic engine start-stop function start detected

CDA506 - Message (services 19 of EGS) missing, receiver DME, transmitter EGS
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May 19, 2020
All the " short circuit to B+" codes are because of disconnections or items not properly connected, the rest seem to be issue with you HP fuel system.