Beware of RuskiRacer


Feb 9, 2021
B.C. Canada
2007 E92 335i
This is a post just to make people aware of the shit turbo kits Ruski is trying to sell, not trying to spread hate, just trying to save others money.

My friend recently blew up his twins and had decided he was going to go the single turbo route. Ruski said he was going to start making single kits and that my friend should purchase one from him. He went through with it got it ordered up. Close too a month and a half later the kit came in. Firstly the kit was missing a oil drain fitting that goes into the block. It was a little annoying but we considered ruski a friend at the time so it was no biggie. Went to attach the manifold to the block and it would not line up. With all the studs in the head the manifold would hit the studs as the bolt holes in the manifold would not line up. We attempted to contact ruski with no response for 3 days. Once he replied he asked to send it back but would not cover shipping. Shipping a whole turbo kit back from Canada to the states isn't cheap so we asked him to cover shipping again which he again denied. At this point we were fed up and just wanted a refund and we'd send the kit back which he again denied. After this we gave up on him fixing it and got to work. After some cutting and adjusting of wholes we were able to make the manifold fit. Once, the manifold fit we mocked up the turbo and realized it hit the oil cooler lines and a ac line. The turbo was sitting far to forward, and the turbo placement was incorrect. On top of that the downpipe he supplied wasn't even close to fitting, the turbo was pointed straight at the strut tower. Once again we got to work and moved the turbo back and corrected the rotation, and added a Vband in the middle to make for easier installation. The downpipe will be finished tomorrow and hopefully the saga of Ruski's Shit kit comes to an end. He was supposed to make a VBand single kit for me which i have now canceled for obvious reasons.

I'd stay as far away as possible from Ruski.
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Nov 6, 2016
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All I can say is the turbos, inlets, outlet and all the install kit stuff I got from him went on easy.

Only minor issue for me was the looooooooong wait time to get them.

Of all the inlets and outlets I had held in my hand the RBs were the superior ones. Which is important when you hear about inlets collapsing and various other issues with them.
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