Bavsound Stage 1 w/ Ghost Subwoofers Install / Review


Nov 19, 2016
Houston, TX
14 535i, 13 X3 35i
I picked up a full compliment of gently used BavSound speakers here on the forum from a user in the FS section for a great price. They arrived earlier in the week and I've patiently waited till the weekend not knowing exactly how long it would take to install.

All and all it took right at 1 full hour to R&R all factory speakers with the BavSound units. They were perfect drop in replacements as advertised.

I started with the dashboard mounted center channel speaker. The grill prys up with a nylon pry tool and pops right off to reveal the stock speakers.


Here you can see the stock and the BavSound components, front and back. The motor on the BavSound midrange transducer is considerably larger. The factory units are itty bitty, although I speculate they are actually neodymium.



and finally the BavSound front center channel completed


I jumped to the rear parcel tray next, install here was exactly the same as the front center.



I did both front doors next, but failed to take any pictures. Door panel removal was straight forward. The wood trim spring clip held me up for a moment but I figured it out quick enough. Again everything here was a straight forward swap, and the BavSound midrange comes with an elongated harness that replaces the original tweeter harness altogether. The factory harness is interwoven into the door harness so it just stays behind.

Next I went to the subwoofers under the seats. 4 T50 bolts hold the seats in place, then just T20 on the subwoofers.

Here is the weak stock unit

Side by side

and installed

First impressions are good. Music sounds a lot clearer. All demo tracks were ones I'm very familiar with and the sound source was standard 44.1khz/16bit resolution FLAC via USB.

Vocals are much clearer, treble much more sparkling, and bass... bass is drastically improved. Much harder hitting and punchier than before. Even vibrates the rear view mirror an appreciable bit now.

I wouldn't say it plays much if any louder than stock, but it does so with much more fidelity and authority than it every did before.

Overall I have to say I'm very pleased with the update, and the ease of installation.