B58 Straight Pipe! 2016 340i


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Apr 2, 2019
2016 340i
Hey everyone, There are several videos floating around with small grainy 2 second clips of B58s with "custom exhaust" but no one really goes into detail as to what they have. I have started a Youtube channel Cody Reviews where I try and detail my modifications for my 340 and give my opinion as a concerned car enthusiast.

I did several different snippets, but I am working on putting them together. After some constructive criticism I realize that in the future, shooting in landscape mode is a MUST.

My exhaust is broken down as follows:
Turbo>VRSF 4.5" Catless Downpipe>3" Midpipe>Y-Pipe(3"in/2.5"out)>2.5" Pipe>4" Exhaust Tips

When I got the car, it had the mufflers already cut out. I put the downpipe on and it REALLY took the "suffocation" sound from the turbo. It sounds like a diesel truck spooling coming down from 6K RPMS. That alone was great couple with the no muffler, it was the right tone, but it was missing something... I didnt have the loud pops, the big bang, the notorious burble I had in my N54. So I Decided it was time to change that.

The performance shop in my city racked it and for a very fair price, cut out the long resonator that restricts the flow. The owner of the shop convinced me that I should leave the small square resonator on and "gut it." I agreed as I was partly scared of the drone. He left the smaller resonator shell on there while gutting the baffles inside and straight piped the rest! :thumsup:

Let me tell you, I think it sounds amazing. Substantially better than my N54 and N55 setup's. I think its coupled with being a closed deck and having the BMS cone air filter in the front. That alone brings a great induction sound. But that's for another review. I posted my review video below. Unless in sport or sport+ there is absolutely no drone while doing 80 on the interstate, I am still getting 32 mpg in EcoPro.

The first part of the video was prior to the shop cutting out my resonators. I did have some clips of me rambling that included the inside the cabin sound. So bare with me as I am learning this narration by trial and error. :lol:


Also, if you want to skip the cold starts and just hear the final product, skip to the end of the video where you can hear the insane back fire. The sweet spot is down shifting from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to first. Anything in those gears coming down from 6K RPMS is absolutely bonkers. I would recommend this setup to anyone. I wish I would have caught a video of the lady dropping her purse on the side walk in my neighborhood, wasnt even doing over 30. It could easily be confused for gunshots.

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