B48 F-series Switchable Maps On-The-Fly Update


Oct 15, 2018
340i B58

B48 F-series Switchable Maps On-The-Fly Update
MG Flasher update v277

Switchable Maps On-The-Fly are now available on F-series B48 through MG Flasher’s latest app update v277. Following the successful launch of our B58 switchable maps a few months ago, we immediately started testing on the B48 platform. This week we finally released the latest B48 OTS map update (v1.8) that contain 5 slots to choose from. Drivers can switch mapping between different power levels and different octane / ethanol blends without the need to reflash the vehicle! Through a simple combination of the Brake Pedal, Accelerator Pedal and the Driver Select Switch you can quickly choose which slot you want to use. Watch our instructional video on YouTube to see how it works and read our User Manual for details!
. Minimum OTS map version for B48 engines, v1.8 is required to enable our Switchable Map option. Tuners should contact us about accessing Switchable Maps when using the “Custom Flash Menu”.

Many of you requested support for additional octane levels of fuel, so we added 102 RON (95 OCT) and ACN 91 (for low quality 91 OCT / 95 RON) to the list of choices when picking a file to flash. The octane level you select before flashing is the default (slot #0) map that is active after flashing. Slots 1 - 4 will contain either a lower/higher octane level, E30 or E50. We also added additional power levels to which you can immediately switch, Stock (184 bhp or 252 bhp, depending on the car) and 252 bhp.

We have created infographics (one for Stage 1 and another for Stage 2) to help identify where you can find a given fuel type or power level. Columns are the selected file flashed to the car (identified by ACN 91, 95 RON, 98 RON and 102 RON) and rows are the slots you can cycle through On-The-Fly once the car is running. When the map is flashed, you can view the available slots (for the flashed file) on the MyCar page by tapping the ECU info area. You can also find this information in the OTS map release notes.

Checkout some of the results for our E30 map (with 100 RON) on a Stage 2 B48 320i by looking at the log on MG Cloud Log Viewer (link below). Torque and power at 490 Nm and 345 bhp, respectfully, with zero timing corrections and ignition reaching 18°kW. When on E50, our tester F30 xDrive got a 100-200 km/h Dragy time of 11.6s!

The MG Flasher team has work very hard to create a professional method for enabling On-The-Fly switching. These are not just limiters and constants that are switched, but entire calibration tables and maps as well. It is virtually the same as flashing a new calibration for one specific fuel type or power level, but with the ability to put multiple calibrations into one file. MG Flasher’s unique custom code is so advanced that it is switching over 20 different maps including:
- Lambda and fuel maps
- Ignition timing tables
- Load and torque limiters
- PID boost control and turbine compressor maps

Users with F-Series B58 cars have been enjoying our switchable map solution for a few months now and soon we will deliver another update for these new octane and ethanol maps. The MG Flasher platform opens the door to custom tuners who want an On-The Fly Switchable Map solution with precise adjustment when tuning for different fuel or upgraded hardware. Contact us to get started today!

The MG Flasher Team

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