Asus Q551l laptop


Nov 7, 2016
Toledo Ohio
This is an Asus q551 notebook PC. It is fully flexible and can be used as a laptop, tablet, or free standing for movies or tv. It is very lightly used, I only ever used it to watch movies and Netflix. It is touchscreen, full aluminum body, with backlit island keys. No scratches, cracks or dings. Perfect condition. It has Adobe Photoshop, and the Microsoft office suite applications installed and licensed. The operating system is windows 10, hardware includes Intel core i7 processor, dedicated 2gb Nvidia GeForce graphics card, 1terabyte HDD storage. It comes with the original box, all the paperwork, and original receipt. Everything that was in the box from best buy is with it today, i.e. charger, speaker, box. I'll also give you a wireless USB mouse, slim carrying case, and lapdesk with it. First person with $700 takes it home. Less than half or original price without the countless hundreds for Photoshop, Office suite, DVD player app, Windows 10 upgrade, mouse, case, and lapdesk. This is the best deal you'll find on a beautiful laptop today, and for weeks to come.
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