anyone can help me out?


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Dec 1, 2022
hi guys,

not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, anyways i am looking for a way/solution so that i can offer customers possibility to readout their ecu and sent it back to me for adjustments.. after this i sent back and they write it back... so basically looking for someone who developed already the protocols and willing to sell them or 'rent' if this is possible in any ways..

yes i know mhd you can do custom tuning, but (much kudos to mhd) don't want to use their application... as i want it to have branded to my own name, so i looked further and found tgflash, femto and bitbox to setup remote tuning... however all of them told me they dont allow remote tuning with their application to be run on a remote server... i am not sure but got the gut feeling that the most popular flashers out there use of one these companies to handle their read and write part... perhaps they have some special agreements..

anyways if someone knows a way I am willing to pay for the information...


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Nov 6, 2016
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I kind of get what you want...kind of...there was that open flash program that was free and somehow tied to Sticky/Joe from bummerboost.

FWIW I think you are going to find very few customers are going to want to use your solution over MHD. Unless you can offer the same features at a much lower price point. MHD is feature packed and constantly updated. Works flawlessly for the most part. Works on Apple/Android, etc.

There is always openflash I bet they would let you private label it...

Wish you the best of luck. The more options the better it is for the community.