Anybody have a 36106793122TPMS RDC off the car,I cut a trace in mine wanted to fix it


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Jan 31, 2019
2012 BMW 328i coupe
Went to the car(2012 BMW 328i E92 coupe) at midnight to get the RDC36106793122TPMS(pic1) (underneath the car apron) and open it looking for corrosion, which I didn't find but I ended up removing solder from the 4 contacts of the connector to the board and one I lifted up with some of the green trace. I included pictures from Dropbox and you can zoom in to see the small writing or question marks. Wanted to know if I need to solder any wires to the adjacent green areas of the cut? Thanks in advance. Hope I didn't screw it up. My TPMS codes are 604E RDC system and 6059 Wheel electronics undefined


I get continuity between the green dots nothing between the purple in picture 4. I see traces between the big solder blob connector with a green dot on it and the purple dotted area to the right with the purple dots. There is continuity. The area that I traced with red right by the purple dot below the plus is lifted and does not connect to anything, must have cut it with the X-acto knife when trying to lift the contact. So I need help from anyone that has this particular RDC(pic1)