2EA1 oil condition sensor missing With high oil temps?


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May 7, 2018
N54 135i & 535xi
I do my oil change right around when i lose 1/2 a quart its been about 4500 miles and i normally change it right around 4-5k miles and its been at the 100% full mark for the past 4500 miles so i was getting worried something might not be working as it should. NEXT day i go to the store thats 5min away and when i get there i already had 200* oil temp which never happens it was about 80* out. So i monitor my oil temps and coolant to see that i can idle sometimes with AC on and btw MHD is set to track and il be at 185-190 for sometimes 20 min and randomly when im driving or at idle it will go up to 225-230 and my oil temp gets to be around 240. The only code i have is 2EA1 oil condition sensor missing and when i reset my codes it comes right back and says oil sensor inactive when i check my oil. I did an oil change just to be safe. Ive been reasearching it and cant find much info about this code besides some people saying it has to do with water pump failing and changing the sensor won't fix the problem.
CAR is a 2010 bmw 135i Auto. Last time water pump was done is around 70k and has about 105k now.


Jul 19, 2018
2007 335i sedan
I had this exact issue appear after I replaced my clutch. In my case, the issue was some dirt/oil got into the oil level sensor connector at the bottom of the oil pan. I unplugged it and sprayed it with some brake cleaner and it’s been good for about a year now