FS 2013 Single turbo 335is


Dec 15, 2016
Baltimore, MD
28k OBO

Looking to sell my 335is. Not in a rush to sell price reflects that, but still open to offers.

It's a 2013 335i in IS trim, which is also the last year for a 335i to have an N54 (335is). Newer and updated bodysyle and features (M-Tech). It has a MAN-ual transmission, and updated I-Drive system with screen. Red interior, black exterior. Basically fully loaded only sitting at ~50k miles.

The goodies
This car is far from stock, has an N54 Big single turbo conversion.
CES bottom mount single turbo kit paired with a Garret GTX3584RS and a billet turbo manifold. (Best single kit on the market IMO) 4" intake.
Open dump wastegate + catless downpipe
Upgraded intercooler
Upgraded ignition (PR Coils) + 2-step colder plugs & NTK sensors
Motiv Twin Disc Clutch
RTD Shifter
15" rear conversion with Wilwood lightweight forged brakes.
Black Forgestar 15" wheels drag pack in the rear on radials.

Turbo is rated @ ~1000HP, car should easily make 800rwhp+ with this single kit. You would just need to upgrade the fueling (Port Injection) and tune it to where ever you want.

That sums it up. Cars is perfect for anyone that wants to build a fast car, it has only been on wastegate 93, barely drive so no abuse.

Trying to sell the car as is since it's easier that way. Rare 335is with low miles + no expense spared modifications. So trying to recover somewhat of the sum I have put into this car. If I not i will part part it out. And return it to stock.

*PM if serious for more details.
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