135i Build - Track Toy with a License Plate


Jan 15, 2018
'09 135i
Well, that’s a bummer...how much are you going to be asking for it? Will you be selling as is, or willing to sell some of the minor upgrades?

All good things come to an end, right? I know this is a stupid move, and one I'll regret more than all the other cars sold, but it's ok. I've learned so much with this build, met great people, set records I didn't think were possible, and it's just be an epic ride.
Asking $45k for the car.

Selling it mostly as is, with the option to get it with stock front seats/less expensive wheels if desired, but otherwise, the car is special because it's a package. Each part has meaning and purpose and that's what I'm selling.

Build thread for the M3 here or you can keep up with me on Instagram.
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