1. hardneoark

    Custom MHD map lazy launch control

    Hello spoolstreet community, requesting some help from the custom tuners here! I and one friend recently installed a Vargas GC turbocharger on two M340i G20 xdrive B58TU. I did a custom MHD map for both cars, mostly increasing the "boost set limit", "boost multiplier" and the "torque to load x...
  2. T

    VTT Manifold

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else has the VTT forward facing manifold? I attempted to install mines but was faced with hood clearance issues. The hood seems to rest on top of the TB/charge pipe area not allowing me to close my hood. There's roughly about a 3" gap between the hood and the...
  3. H

    SOLD BNIB Vargas VTT Shotgun Double Barrel HPFP N54 AT/DCT

    Brand New In Box; complete kit, never used or installed; most items still in original packaging. VTT modified fuel rail included so no hassling with and waiting for core return ($200). Please contact me if you have any questions. For most AT/DCT N54 powered cars, please confirm fitment to your...
  4. Asbjorn

    The grand track tour of China

    The number of Chinese racetracks is increasing, making it one of the most exciting countries to visit as a driving enthusiast at the moment. Below is a list of tracks from just one track builder in China (there are others as well): I have spent some years living as a foreigner in China, and...
  5. RSicks

    FS Brand New VTT inlets

    I've got a set of new (removed from box to install fittings to verify everything was there) never installed VTT inlets for the N54 engine. Purchased about 6 months ago and now just sitting in my garage. These are the stock location 1.75" inlet ID for stock or stock frame upgraded turbos. They...
  6. V

    Technical Another cast manifold vband N54 turbo kit

    What's up with the recent influx of VTT designs released by other companies? First the alibaba special turbos, now this cast manifold v-band kit from Tomioka Racing: http://www.tomiokaracing.com/products/tr-twin-turbo-upgrade-for-bmw-n54 Some interesting things about the above linked turbos...
  7. Aaron_335i

    FS VTT Stage 2+

    $2,000 shipped, located in Houston, TX for the locals. Used 10k miles, no issues whatsoever!
  8. M

    What is the highest HP from all the hybrid turbos?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the highest HP that have been put down by all of the hybrid turbos that are out. RB(Original RB, RB Evo's, RB Super Evo's) Vargas(Stage 2, 2+, GC Lite, GC), Hexon (RR550,RR600,RR700), Pure Turbo S2, MMP Stage 3, and any other's I'm missing. Please...