valve cover gasket

  1. Seaneezy

    piston tops dirty with oil, should I worry?

    Pics attached. Car was misfiring due to oil on plugs from either leaking VCG or valve cover itself. Regardless, when I'm changing plugs I always like to use my endoscope to see the tops of the pistons to make sure they are healthy. This time they seemed a little more caked than before, should I...
  2. Jeffman

    Technical Doh! Some valve cover plastic slivers fell into the valve train

    As the title says, I broke off some slivers of plastic from my valve cover into the intake valve train area while replacing the valve cover gasket. We're talking slivers from the groove area of the VC maybe a 5-10 millimeters long x 1 mm thick, some longer, some shorter. I did everything I could...