twin turbo

  1. 4doorbmwpower

    CPE BMW 60-120 you be the judge

    Hey guys, still refining everything I know you all dont appreciate anything without vbox, datazap, logs, fuel content, ambient pressure, curvature of the earth and everything else. again. I will get you all the data I have been going back and fourth remotely and if we get it where we want I have...
  2. 4doorbmwpower

    THE ONLY CPE ATMOSPHERE TURBO 335i - in the house

    Well hello "SPOOLSTREET" I want to first shout out to @doublespaces for pulling me over here. I will try to get some more traction over here in a few other communities to follow as well, ANYHOW... Name and everything is in my Bio so I will skip that. I wont start back in July of 2015 when the...