single turbo upgrade

  1. Matilda335i

    Single Turbo Kit for e93 n54

    So, I want to single turbo my '09 e93 n54...but I find that I am already running into some issues with FBO because of lack of e93 things :( If anyone has any info or advice on what route I should take in order to single turbo and push 900+ hp! Currently just have just air intakes and...
  2. BlueN54

    Complete SUB-$3,000 Single Turbo Swap!

    OVERVIEW Hello, first time posting here, although I have been lurking for some time! This thread is to show people a real-world cost of doing a budget single turbo build. In the end, it ended up costing less than I expected. In the cost analysis, I will include my complete cost, including...
  3. N54STYE92

    Single Turbo or Upgraded Twins (Cost Analysis)

    This topic has probably been beaten into the ground, but since I can't find any recent conversation on it...... I'm currently saving for upgraded turbo's for my 335i. The problem, aside from deciding on whether I should go single or upgraded twins is cost. I'm pretty sold on going twins at...