1. B@man335

    Finishing up ST Build

    Had a couple last things to clarify before I crank her up. I’m about to finish my ST build and maintenance on an xdrive e90. After I finished rod bearings and oil pan gasket, I found conflicting info on rod bolt torque. There was a thread previously that highlighted we are supposed to torque to...
  2. B

    N54/N55 Connecting Rods - Molnar Billet Heavy Duty

    For sale is a set of Molnar Technologies connecting rods. I am using a set of these rods in my high hp build, designed for durability and abuse... they are beefy! The big end retains the OEM spec for bearings The small end is flat for the extra strength and not tapered like oem. After-market...
  3. Modifyit

    N54 Full Build with Specs and Parts list

    Soooo... I've decided to post a bit about my build Starting with the story leading to my decision, So a few months back I had my oil pan gasket replaced. Upon removal of the pan we found shattered pieces of metal of what appeared to be a valve keeper and roller. I assumed it was from a...