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    400whp recipe on pump 94?

    In Canada, don't have E85 here. Highest is 94 on pump (weird that its one higher than 93 in America? Anyways). I have a stock 335i and here is my mod list that im planning on purchasing, will this land me at 400whp? VRSF CBE Street VRSF Catless DP BMS DCI BMS CP + Tial BOV VRSF 5" IC BMS Stock...
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    N54 6266 pump gas 93oct dyno

    I stopped being lazy and wrote my 93 octane winter / road trip tune. Peep the video for all the turbo noises: 510 whp / 459 wtq SAE The dyno had a minor hiccup with speed signal on the 510 run. No clue why, literally the only run where it happened. 20 psi, 7.5* timing. AFRs 11.9-12.1 up...