port injection

  1. Jsolo92

    Need help going maxxexu and PI on n54

    I need help on where i can find a harness for bosch style shorti injectors on doc rac PI intake with fuel rail. If i cant purchase one where do i get the stuff to make my own and how do i make my own, im going maxxecu also with the pnp harness
  2. N

    Technical Intake manifold exploded-BACKFIRE- Reflex+,PI,E85

    So. I will tell you interesting horror story what happened to my n54 in autumn 2023. It all started like this I have 98 ron /flexfuel tune from reputable and well known tuner. Albeit he said that the flexfuel tune is finished at v3 i asked to check if everything is ok and somehow he send me...
  3. JonEQuest

    N54 Need advice to add 2nd pump to my Stage 2 fuel set-up

    I already have a Fuel-it stage 2 fuel pump. I am planning to add port fuel injection so I am curious of any homebrew ideas for adding another pump to my fuel setup to accomidate the extra fuel that will be needed. I assume that I will be adding an extra pump like a Walbro 450 or something...
  4. St3v3nn54

    FS N54 Phoenix Intake manifold and Port Injection

    950obo black phoenix racing intake manifold with genuine Bosch 550cc injectors and split second injector controller.
  5. V

    SOLD Injectors PI Spec 3+ Mfactory Flywheel Starter

    Index 12s w/ 13k miles - $300 for set of 3 MMP gen1 PI - $400 Complete minus controller. Injectors verified good with no excessive trim deviations. Put down 786 whp maxed out M factory single mass flywheel - sold Spec 3+ clutch (works w OE flywheel) - sold Clutch and flywheel have 33k. Held 28...
  6. V

    FS JB4 PI controller N54

    JB4 Port Injection Control Module Good working order $225
  7. V

    Intake ports after 1 year / 14k mi with port injection

    Three days ago I removed my intake manifold to replace knock sensors and took the opportunity to take pictures of the intake ports. I ran full e85 for about 8 months out of the year since my port injection was installed (~4 months of pump gas during winter and early spring). PI was installed...
  8. screaminfast

    SOLD BN Sharps Intake Mani w/ LS7 injectors

    Selling a brand new Sharps intake manifold with a set of cleaned and flow tested LS7 injectors. Asking $900 OBO shipped CONUS.
  9. BrendanE92

    Car won’t turn over after AIC install

    Hey guys, I have a ‘07 E92 335i, MMP twins and supporting mods... I just got my BKC manifold installed along w/ the port injection rail. I just got around to installing the AIC controller today and am running into some issues. I followed the instructions given from fuel-it on where the wires...
  10. Cornfed54

    FS AD-e port injection kit minus injectors $250

    I’m selling my AD-e port injection setup minus injectors. Includes fuel line fitting for Tapping into your existing fuel line, the sandwich plate with good AD-e gaskets on the engine block side, and fuel rail. You supply the injectors and controller for a complete system. Asking $250+...
  11. Yeezus335i

    FS Sharp N54 PI manifold with Eospeed 750cc fuel kit

    Hey guys, as the title states. I'm selling my brand new sharp manifold with the EOS fuel kit. I bought the pair as part of a seprate group buy last year that took place here on spool street, so there is documentation of everything. I paid $540 for the manifold & $496.55 for the fuel kit. I'm...
  12. BMP-PrecisionRaceworks

    Ad: Black Market Parts PI Kit in stock now!

    For anyone who was waiting on our kits to become available again, we have them in stock now at www.bm-parts.com
  13. V

    Technical Boost Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Question: For boost referenced FPRs, is there any ratio available other than 1:1? Context: I'm eventually planning on putting together an overkill fuel system for 35+ psi with ST and e85: triple walbro 450s, FPR with return line, ID1000s or 1300s on the PI rail, etc etc. If I used a 1:1 FPR...
  14. Snelson3003

    Dyno Results, Sharp Customs Port Injection Manifold.

    Alright guys and gals, Here are the Dyno results for the Sharp Customs on my 2010 N54 135i. @Sharp My last dyno without PI made 498WHP and 516TQ, on E65 Fueling and 21.5Psi of boost w/13.8 degrees of timing. This was the ABSOLUTE MAX i could run with the stock HPFP. This was also on a lean...
  15. Snelson3003

    Sharp Customs N54 Sheet Metal Port Injection Intake Manifold: Testing and Future Review!

    Hey Guys (and gals? ) So I was in contact with Marcus @Sharp and we had some great conversations about using my car as the test mule for their new offering of the N54 Port Injection Manifold. Marcus was kind enough to send me a sample of the manifold as is. So we can expect this for now to be...