pi port injection inj e85 e50 e60 meth

  1. Bmwfixerguy1

    PORT INJ who what when and why

    I'm hoping to create a thread that many like me in the position I'm in can refer back to as there one stop shop for answers.. So in the quest for power.. bigger turbos are on the way and my charge pipe meth and E40ish ain't gonna cut it... I need fuel lots of it and quick lol! I'm faced with...
  2. zmon1300

    Technical Apr 2020 update: Maintaining a 600awhp 335xi Pure Stage 2 - Long term- CAR FOR SALE NOW!!

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to document my build for my 335xi. Started out on stock turbos, blew them and went the Hexon route. That didn't work out ( turbos lasted 3 days :eek: ) . Then, talked to Jesse @pureturbos and got a set of Stage 2 HiFlow turbos. Just got the car running. Its been about...