oxygen sensor

  1. V

    Technical Single Turbo O2 sensor install and data

    Thought I'd make a thread to collect some data on O2 sensor options for the single turbo peeps. As everyone knows, 2-bank fueling logic forces ST kits to place the pre-cat O2s in the manifold between the head and turbine, exposing them to extremely harsh high temperature and positive pressure...
  2. typedRew

    Secondary O2 sensors, tuned, still needed?

    On my last car, even though the 2nd cat codes were turned 'off' I needed the o2 sensor installed and plugged in to maintain proper fuel trims, not only did it need to be there but it could not be in a 'extended o2 tricker' housing. Had to be in the exhaust flow directly. I would get +12%-+18%...
  3. matreyia

    The Effect of Replacing O2 Sensors - Results

    Full FBO and MHD Wedge Tune. Was getting super duper shitty gas mileage - we talking 12mpg... Replaced all four o2 sensors and mileage shot back up like a rocket. Now 18-20 city and 23-24 highway. This is with down pipes. So if there is anyone who is wondering if changing o2 sensors after...