1. SC James

    M135i N55 EWG retrofitting S55 high pressure fuel pump

    Hi everyone, Before getting into the topic, I'd like to give some background about myself, I live in Belgium, I am just a car enthusiast who does a lot of track days and driftdays, I don't have any mechanical background nor tuning knowledge. Every knowledge that I have now regarding tuning is...
  2. T

    Ad: TTFS Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade for N55

    TTFS is pleased to announce that after tireless research and development, we are excited to bring to market the TTFS Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade for N55. Our upgrade system has been running on two 2015 BMW M2--the TTFS M2' for almost a year and a customer’s M2 in Texas for five months. Both M2s are...