n54 twin turbo

  1. CantSitStill

    LPFP behaviour after stage 1 upgrade

    Hi Guys, I have just upgraded my LPFP to a stage 1 in line in tank (walbro 255lph). Anyway I did it because I was dropping down to 49psi at WOT and the rail was draining. It solved the issue however, to start with after the upgrade I was holding 73psi all the time. Fast forward a month and now...
  2. spoolzone

    My N54 FBO garage build (built motor at 113k)

    I have been slacking getting around to posting on this forum, so let me give a quick synopsis of my N54 experience thus far. Almost a year and a half ago I finally found the e92 335i I had been relentlessly searching for. It was in Ga (I live in Fl), but that didn't matter to me. 6spd MT black...
  3. V

    Technical Another cast manifold vband N54 turbo kit

    What's up with the recent influx of VTT designs released by other companies? First the alibaba special turbos, now this cast manifold v-band kit from Tomioka Racing: http://www.tomiokaracing.com/products/tr-twin-turbo-upgrade-for-bmw-n54 Some interesting things about the above linked turbos...