n54 tuning

  1. CantSitStill

    help with DIY tune

    Hi, Hope someone can offer some advice here. I'm finally getting to grips with turning my car myself. I have the WOT stuff fairly well worked out and I'm trying to make the car feel more refined now. I have an issue in sport mode where under light acceleration it suddenly tries to go way too...
  2. N


    im korean n54 user hi
  3. ClaytonT

    DIY Data Log for FBO N54 (Throttle Cutting/Shuddering)

    Hi guys Hope everyone staying safe. This is a data log showing the hesitation and or loss of power under WOT that I’ve been experiencing lately. It feels like it’s on the verge of going into limp mode but then recovers and the boost will then keep building right up and through the gear change...
  4. N

    Need Advice ! Looking for tuner & questions on my current setup !

    Hey guys, so im in the process of looking for a tuner but before i waste there time or my money i want some opinions on my setup and if i should wait till i get a few other things so here it is... My current setup: - JB4/MHD Pump BEF with hybrid turbos default settings (just did this motor...
  5. RichMichael97

    Stay Away From RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman)

    I’m making this post to warn people about RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman), who has been “tuning” for the N5X community now for a few months. He has a history of screwing up people’s cars, and even bragging about it on Facebook. My first experience with him was Sept 16 when I inquired about his...