n54 issues

  1. LavosB

    Whistling sound at high revs and speed

    Hey guys! I have a e60 535i with the N54 engine and recently after doing the MHD backend flash with the JB4, I noticed a whistling noise coming from the left side of the engine bay ( if you sitting in the driver seat it’s left side), when I get over 80km/h and over 5000 rpms. Does anyone know...
  2. stelvio

    N55's...how reliable?

    Hello people of SS. I just recently sold my N54 335i and was looking into the N55's due to so many issues that the N54's had. I N54's are known for wastegate rattle, vanos solenoids, cam ledge issues, HPFP, etc, etc...but I'm wondering how much more reliable and/or improved is the N55 engine...