1. Catalin335xi

    Technical Unsolvable cyl #5 misfire - Tried EVERYTHING

    Hello, First and foremost, I've been searching for a solution for this through all imaginable forums, youtube videos, going to shops etc for almost a year, still haven't found a solution. Also posted this another forum but got no replies there :( The problem My problem is a persistent misfire...
  2. Lowboost35

    N54 HPFP Conversion N55 Vacuum pump with B58 HPFP

    Hello thinking if any one have done it. N54 swaped vacuum pump from N55 part.no: 11667611115 that will accept B58, N63 style HPFP. Already purchased vacuum pump and thinking what pump to purchase for this experiment. If any one have any data or advise wellcome to share. Maybe someone already...
  3. HendrixBoosted

    Need advice

    Hi all, Before I get into the issue, I should give a brief background on the car. I have a 2012 335is FBO, stock location upgraded inlets, and stage 2 lpfp running MHD OTS E50 flash. So, the issue or issues I am having (could be multiple as I am not sure) is one wastegate rattle (common/known...
  4. D

    Forward Facing

    Hi guys just wanted to share some pics of my forward facing e92 drag build project, looking to have it up and running shortly. It will be built motor running full standalone management system.