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    GS6-53BZ current OEM fluid

    Please talk me through the current OEM fluid replacement for the N54 6MT (GS6-53BZ) in the 335i. Apparently I picked the wrong fluid once again for this stupid transmission, and Pentosin FFL-3 is for the N55 gearbox. :expressionless: If you're going to tell me run Redline ATF please leave the...
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    E9X Transmission hard to engage 1st when it's cold out

    Update: Pentosin FFL3 was the correct fluid and fixed most of my issues. 6MT Spec 3+ SMFW. no CDV. When cold out (<40*) the transmission doesn't like to go into 1st without either: car slowly moving forward (if on smooth ground and no brakes, the car will actually roll forward with clutch...