misfire spark plugs

  1. Seaneezy

    piston tops dirty with oil, should I worry?

    Pics attached. Car was misfiring due to oil on plugs from either leaking VCG or valve cover itself. Regardless, when I'm changing plugs I always like to use my endoscope to see the tops of the pistons to make sure they are healthy. This time they seemed a little more caked than before, should I...
  2. spoolzone

    Buying/DIAGNOSING a 2008 335i | dealer - "it has a fuel injector problem"

    First time taking codes from the 08 335i I just picked up ‍♂ Was told it had bad fuel injectors. Barely could touch the throttle at first and didn't wanna idle smooth at all until it warmed up. Ended up changing bank 1 plugs, coils, and injectors..Definitely made a huge difference. Links below...
  3. impuls

    Leaky Injectors?

    Just installed new NKG plugs to fix cylinder misfires but the old (500 miles) OEM Bosh spark plugs didn't look that nice either when they came out. Additionally the new plugs did not fix the misfire as you can see in this log https://datazap.me/u/impuls/misfire Do you think I am right with...