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  1. Ztuck45

    Need help! 2FBC code

    Alright guys, I’ve got a problem that i am literally lost on. The car keep throwing a 2FBC (fuel pump control valve signal). The code will show up intermittently, sometimes i can clear it for a while and sometimes it pops up immediately after. I’m running the vtto double shotgun kit (i don’t...
  2. Jeffman

    What if we had a coolant temp gauge and not an oil temp gauge? (A call for more coolant cooling!)

    Imagine if our N54 cars had a coolant temp gauge instead of an oil temp gauge... I suspect the N54 community originally got all bent out of shape over oil temps because we were given an oil temp gauge instead of a coolant gauge. And with stock oil temp being set to the "astonishingly high" 240F...