lean spool

  1. MOSFETS Forever

    Misfire problem, Bank one Fuel trim

    Fellow N54 friends, I would like input and ideas. I'm new to the form and this problem is driving me insane. My car is currently experiencing a mixture control problem on bank 1 ONLY. Under boost stft will go to -32%, even under light acceleration. It is also Throwing corresponding misfire codes...
  2. Jeffman

    What's the consensus on Spool Max RPM?

    So what's the consensus on Spool Max RPM? I've been experimenting a little with Spool Max RPM. I understand stock is 2600 and my tunes for the last year until yesterday were set to 2,750. I think this is all in connection with "lean spool" to help stock turbos spool up quickly when EGTs are...
  3. Jeffman

    Thoughts on VANOS and (Lean?) Spool Strategy

    I think this topic is worthy of a new thread. I've copied the following discussion from a previous thread. My max spool rpm is currently set at 2750 rpm with my Vanos Spool Inlet / Exhaust table values overlapping (equaling) the moving warm VANOS Inlet / Exhaust table values at 2750 rpm. I...