1. Twilight0524

    Does E9x Paddles send signal via canbus?

    Hi there, my plan is swap my E90 trans with 8HP70, i am using turbo lamik TCU, its manual says paddle signal can be analog or OEM canbus, so I wonder if E9x paddles send signal via canbus, i also replaced my ECU with maxxecu, so if the paddles are wired to a seprate module (not ECU or TCU) to...
  2. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks Pro K+DCAN cable

    PRO BMW CABLES from BimmerGeeks.Net! BimmerGeeks solely guarantees your cable works the first time, and every time. Whether your looking to use the basics of Inpa, Ncs, Ista or other popular softwares or whether your looking to flash those modules that they say you cant flash with a Kdcan...