1. Seaneezy

    cleaning stubborn old silicon dust inside of intake

    Have to smog my car after a year to renew registration (CA DMV states I have to smog my car every single year now instead of every other?), so I have to put back on original location inlets I had sitting in my backyard for the past couple years. Scrubbed the outside and near the ports as far as...
  2. Carl Balzer

    F1X Beta testing the new VRSF Turbo Inlet and install

    *I'm going to preface this by letting you know that I was chose to test the first ever VRSF Turbo Inlet for the N55 F10. Since this inlet has not been officially released yet, I can not share the pictures of it. Once Tiago and VRSF does their official release, I will update with my pictures.*...