F1X Beta testing the new VRSF Turbo Inlet and install

Carl Balzer

Nov 11, 2016
2012 BMW 535xi
*I'm going to preface this by letting you know that I was chose to test the first ever VRSF Turbo Inlet for the N55 F10. Since this inlet has not been officially released yet, I can not share the pictures of it. Once Tiago and VRSF does their official release, I will update with my pictures.*

Test car - 2012 BMW 535ix FBO, Pure Stage 2 Turbo on the conservative 93 tune of about 20psi. With a leaking valvecover gasket it now looks like :( That will be fixed next.

The results: These are done within 2 hours of each other and with nothing done to the tune. Just swapping the inlet.

Before: Peaking at 21psi and tapering to 15psi.

After: Peaking at 24psi and tapering to 19psi.

What a difference this inlet has made already!!!!! An extra 4psi till redline and a much better response. I'm sure i will be able to pick up a few more once we revise the tune and i upgrade to a larger filter. This is a definite must have part for all N55 F10 owners!!

The Install:
This can be done without the use of a lift of jackstands.

1. Remove your intake system down to the inlet.
2. Remove your stiffening bars and radiator fan so you can have better access to the inlet.

3. Remove the clip to your boost pipe so you can slide the pipe up an off to the left of the turbo to allow more room to work.


4. Remove the top 10mm bolt on your factory inlet.


5. Remove the 10mm bolt holding your inlet to the turbo. This one is pretty hard to get to and i had to use a few extensions to get to it and go through the front.

6.Gently wiggle your inlet and remove it from your engine. Be careful not to snag any lines as you pull it out.
7. Swap your bolt bushing from your factory inlet onto your new vrsf inlet.


8. Install your new vrsf inlet the same way you took your factory inlet out.
9. Install your intake.
10. Install your support brace and radiator fan.

That pretty much sums it up. Just take your time and be careful. It took me about an hour, learning as i went. I can't give a detailed install until the official release of the product.

I hope this helps!!!


Dec 1, 2016
New York
Gotta post the actual logs not some snapshots... ambient pressure dropped .2psi in 2 hours timeframe? Easy to pick stuff like this apart when only half the information is shown.


Nov 23, 2018
F10's have a pretty unique inlet, curious what other chassis this pipe is meant to fit.

I had a hell of a time figuring out that the X3 and F10 inlets are incredibly similar, but different enough to waste a few weeks and $1000 tracking down the proper parts. Now my X3 has an F10 inlet all the way to the airbox lol.