1. V

    E9X Transmission hard to engage 1st when it's cold out

    Update: Pentosin FFL3 was the correct fluid and fixed most of my issues. 6MT Spec 3+ SMFW. no CDV. When cold out (<40*) the transmission doesn't like to go into 1st without either: car slowly moving forward (if on smooth ground and no brakes, the car will actually roll forward with clutch...
  2. John6857

    E90 transmission fluid flush

    Hey all, i have a 2007 e90 335i 6MT with a little over 90k miles on it. To my knowledge the transmission fluid has never been flushed, this being the case i ordered Redline d4 atf. A couple of my buddies are telling me that at this mileage the fluid should not be changed because it is lifetime...