1. Tuningservice.no

    What dual-LPFP solution do you use in your Z4?

    Just bought a E89 Z4 35is DCT that's getting a bottom mount single turbo. What dual in-tank fuel pump solutions for the Z4 is out there?
  2. RobbiZ4

    E89 Z4 E89 Dynamic Turn Signal - Dynamischer Blinker

    Weeks ago @fmorelli asked me to post this topic in a separate thread. In between, this project has been finished as well and the "upgraded" back lights ar mounted in the car since about 6 weeks without any problems.
  3. pelbro62

    E89 rear windows anti-trap

    I downloaded the new android app for Pro Tools for coding. I inadvertently did something I shouldn't have and now the rear windows only go down about 4 inches at a time (6 down button clicks). This causes the hardtop not to go down and an error that states Window Anti-Tripping Error. I have...