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  1. SalMoney13

    N54 with Catless DPs - Emissions Readiness and MHD

    Hi All: After scouring the BMW-related forums, I have been unable to find definitive answers to my emissions-related questions regarding my N54 with catless downpipes. I understand that the answers to these sorts of questions can be specific to a particular vehicle's problems and...
  2. K

    Single Turbo Emissions e92 n54

    Hey! I made this post to hopefully help out another single turbo n54 owner looking to pass emissions. Information on my car - 2007 335i N54 On3 single turbo kit Manzo catback exhaust E60 mix on a custom tune (jb4 + mhd bef) I am in Colorado, typically for a 2007 they would do the test on the...