1. ShadyOrb

    DocRace 1 Piece Install Trouble

    Hello, I'm trying to install the Top Mount DocRace kit. I can't get the manifold installed, it won't fit between the chassis and the engine. I ended up banging up some of the exhaust manifold gaskets fighting with it. Are they still okay to use? No cranks, just dents etc. Anyone with...
  2. Mterkait

    MAF-less Tuned

    Hello everyone, I've docrace 6266 on my F30 n55 ( 2013 PWG ) since 2018, and the driveability is not smooth although no Codes or anything. my BEF supposed to be MAFless tune but AFR jumps randomly at low throttle, not sure if there is something wrong during the installation or something else...
  3. B

    XI Doc Racing 6266 Install Questions

    Currently buying a MMP M700 engine as well as I have a 6266 Doc Racing kit on it's way! With that being said I currently have been wrenching on my car, taking off the front end, piece by piece. I am now at the point where I need to figure out how to pull the engine. From what I hear it's pretty...
  4. Ztuck45

    Docrace Single Turbo DIY

    New videos is finally up, it's a long one but it covers the entire install. Car is running mint, next couple vids will be doing the jb4 firmware/backend flash and fuel pump install. Hope you all enjoy!
  5. Ztuck45

    2010 335i Spec Clutch Install DIY

    Hey guys, if anyone is interested in doing a clutch install I made a DIY video on YouTube. I covered installing a spec stage 3+ clutch, mfactory single mass flywheel and a bms short throw shifter. I made the video as informative as possible so I can help out as many people as I can! I will...
  6. Ztuck45

    Docrace single turbo DIY install

    Hey guys if anyone is interested I'm going to be documenting my single turbo install on YouTube. If you subscribe to my channel "Budget Bimmers" I'll be uploading the series within the next few weeks. I'm also going to be installing a spec stage 3+ clutch with an mfactory single mass flywheel...
  7. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuned 335xi puts up 683awhp, 675awtq (World Record for XI)

    This car was 98.5% tuned on the street. The dyno yesterday was just for numbers and this is exactly how Pete drives this car daily. It was no dyno glory run just for numbers. This is his daily, haha. I made like 3 quick value changes on the JB4 (well actually Pete the owner did, since i'm in NY...