1. A

    DCT Coding 2009 E90 335i

    Hey, guys and gals. I have a E90 2009 335i Sedan and just completed the hardware side of my DCT conversion, but I am struggling with the coding. If there are any active members that could walk me through it I would appreciate it.
  2. amg6975

    Track Car Coding

    This is going to be lengthy, go grab a coffee or beer. I've done an extreme amount of googling and the closest I can get to any of this is people swapping seats. I'm sure any info gained here will be useful for E82/E9X people wanting to strip their cars. So I'm converting my 2012 135 to a track...
  3. S


    All BMW general coding, including features such as Apple carplay activation✅- idrive 5/6 only, Can be done full screen or split screen depending on your firmware. Video in motion, Audible locking, M sport boot up logo, Auto fold mirrors, Seat belt beeps, Etc. Please message me or phone me for...
  4. Abacus38

    DIY Coding Injectors using windows 10

    Coding injectors is so easy even wall-e can do it! and here's how! Download these two programs 7zip ---> BMW standard tools -->!zw5V0IrD!08GgdgH0AtxZcWh62_76xA 1. Use the 7zip program to extract Bmw standard tools and open the folder. Right click on...
  5. matreyia

    Footwell Module 3 New Coding Help

    Hi Everyone, I been doing research on how to code a brand new FRM 3 module to my 2009 e93 335i. I have found numerous forum threads, some youtube videos on related topics, but not a full blown step by step for a non-coder person. Does anyone know how to code a brand new FRM 3 module after...
  6. M

    Shorted CanBus/PWR Wire for CIC CID & Now Lost all Interior Power & INPA Comm.

    I wasnt going to start a new thread but im having an issue, that i just can NOT figure out... I have no power to my interior (E92). No gauges, Gauges, Guage Cluster screen, and there's a constant "relay clicking" noise coming from the JBE area every 5 seconds or so. And currently this will...