charge pipe

  1. T

    VTT Manifold

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else has the VTT forward facing manifold? I attempted to install mines but was faced with hood clearance issues. The hood seems to rest on top of the TB/charge pipe area not allowing me to close my hood. There's roughly about a 3" gap between the hood and the...
  2. RSicks

    FS N54 535i Performance Part Out

    I am parting out my '10 535i N54 before I trade her in. I have priced the items with shipping except the FMIC as I have no clue what shipping would be. I feel these are fair pricing to include shipping, but if you want to ask less - it would not include shipping. If you are relatively local to...
  3. bennythebimmer

    FS Leftover Parts from ST & DCT Projects - E82 N54 AT

    Over the past winter and recent months I went ST and did a DCT swap. I have lots of parts leftover that are for sale. I am going to use this post as my master list that I will keep updated as I sell this stuff. I am located in the Chicagoland area for those who can do local pickup. Otherwise...
  4. matreyia

    FS 2009 e93 335i Sport Package Parts for Sale

    All parts are from a 2009 e93 sport package car. All parts have normal (minimal) wear and tear cosmetic blemishes. Stock iDrive Controller $100 plus shipping Mfg#: 65829334613 Stock Heated Sport Steering Wheel (paddles not included - paddles required) $100 plus shipping (control buttons not...
  5. M

    Slightly used DPs, charge pipe, BOV and FMIC

    looking for VRSF catless DPs, VRSF 7in FMIC, charge pipe and BOV. Give me a text at 267-374-6073