1. IanBennett

    BMW Brake Calipers

  2. corbanistan

    Sticky Brake Caliper?

    Hey guys, So all of a sudden my car has started to pull pretty hard to the right during light to medium braking. I can even the braking out by pushing the pedal hard enough to "reset" the caliper back to normal operation. When I push hard enough, I feel a slight "pop" and after that braking is...
  3. berns

    FS 135i / BMW Perf Brembo Brakes (front & rear, rotors & pads)

  4. 4doorbmwpower

    (HELP) What Color Calipers on this build?

    Looking at coming into a big brake kit in the near future. What color calipers would go best with this color scheme in your opinion?