1. Carl Balzer

    N55 535xi Build Thread Fbo+, PS2

    Hey guys. I figure I would post on here about my 2012 535xi. Feel free to ask any questions. I have the full build of over 200 pics on my Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/HiddenMotorsports/ Performance Custom intake VRSF Downpipe Custom 3" dual exhaust Pure Stage 2 Turbo DV+ Precision...
  2. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning X-Drive Transfer Case Mount Inserts (Group Buy)

    You all asked, and we as always will deliver. This is just one of a few things we have coming down the pipes for all the XI people out looking to put power down and solidify their drivetrain. The time has come to start removing all the slop from the XI drivetrain and start reducing the...
  3. Carl Balzer

    Top Ten List

    Below is a list of Fastest E60 times, along with any details such as videos, build links or time slips. Post here as they roll in or anyone I've missed. (Scroll to the side on mobile) #1/4 ET1/4 MPH1/8 ET1/8 MPH60 FOOTYEARXIEngine DRIVER DETAILS 111.271124.590 2010 N54@nitemare 2 12.180...