ST misfire at idle, low fuel pressures and no crank issues


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May 2, 2022
Been having a bit of a nightmare with my car (09 335i manual Docrace top mount gtw3684r, MHD BEF and JB4, bimmerlife r8 coils, new s55 plugs gapped to 0.022", brand new 535 LPFP, brand new oem HPFP) since taking it out of winter storage. I'm getting fairly low fuel pressure from the LPFP and dangerously low pressure from my HPFP at high rpm (see log).

Then on top of this I got a no crank issue that I haven't been able to replicate, yet. After driving the car and getting it warm I went into a store and came out and it wouldn't crank. After letting it cool down for about 30 minutes it started perfectly.

Then today I started it and after about 30 seconds of idling it started to misfire badly. No misfire codes (probably cause I didn't let it run for long) but I did get 2DED code. When it was idling rough the AFRs shot up to 18 or 19:1 on my wideband.

Doubt all these issues are caused by the same thing but who knows. I thinking potentially the EKPM is shot? Starter, relay or ground strap maybe causing the no crank? Recommendations of where to go from here or guesses would be appreciated

Log is from before the rough running issue showed up but shows low fuel pressures. Don't feel comfortable logging while its running that lean. I also checked battery voltage before the rough running issue and after the no crank issue crept up. Got 12.2V resting, 11V while cranking and 14V while running so that seems fine.