Spool Street - Fantasy Football 2021-2022


Nov 7, 2016
Naples, FL
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Past Winners
2016 - Colin SackorPick
2017 - Malvin Ingramara
2018 - LegionsOfBoom
2019 - Madsax
2020 - Fr3nchy

6th annual SpoolStreet $100 Fantasy Football league.

The Entry-fee for the league is $100. You get access as soon as you pay.
Payouts are 60 - 30 - 10% + the winner gets the trophy and the respect.

12 man, .5 PPR (Point Per Reception) .5 PPFD (Point Per First Down) league that we host on Yahoo Fantasy.

The draft is - TBD -
Last year the draft was was Sat, Aug 29th @ 09:30 PM EST

We use the most popular escrow service called LeagueSafe to hold all the money. No spots are held without payment if you want to play, get paid up to reserve your spot today! If you would like to play in the Best BMW Fantasy Football League this year - https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3959576 - You will get an invitation to the Yahoo League in the confirmation message on LeagueSafe!

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