I need some help


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Jun 12, 2022
So I have a 2008 e90 335i, I have a few issues with my car one is that I installed a new hpfp and ltft is reading mid 20s while the stft adjusts to + or - 8 not sure if this has to do with injectors because the banks are off but either way both banks have a high ltft I have a log of a cold start right here> https://datazap.me/u/thebigbag/cold-...og=0&data=3-16

Next issue is the water pump so my car overheats and the only code I get is 2E83 code not sure if it could be dme related or what the car smoke a little at idle consistently but when I drive it its not enough to notice when driving i also installed a upgraded pcv vale with a spring and the instructions showed the spring could be trimmed down for less pressure not sure if that has anything to with it but any advice or knowledge on these topics would be greatly appreciated.