Help with INPA error ifh-0003 data transmission to interface disturbed


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Mar 7, 2024
2011 E89 s35i
Just starting my first rodeo with INPA, and got this error. I was going to code the new FRM3 module for a 2011 E89.
Installed INPA 5.0.6 following instructions. Updated datens with E89 from v.71.0. K+Dcan cable configured to COM1 and latency timer = 1, and the flip switch to the right.

INPA comes up with no issue. When I tested the the cable connection, the dot shows a solid black. What I thought was weird at this point is that the Ignition dot is also showing solid black even before I connected the other end to the car OBD. Once I connected to the car OBD and selected the chassis and FRM module, the IFH-003 came up and the program stops at that point.

Do I have a bad cable or do I need to change any particular parameter in the software?

Thanks in advance.