"guru" autowerks awd 6hp28 transmission adapter kit review


Jul 23, 2017
I would suggest that the OP's mummy and daddy were a little too enabling of little Johnny as a child.
And given that mummy has had to pay for the transmission he broke in his mates car without disclosure, its still happening!
Hmmm, time for a Doctor Phil intervention.

Unfortunately, Johnny comes out on this forum and god knows where else, and proceeds to trash a development product he got at a discounted price under clear conditions. Does Johnny abide...nah. Its someone else fault as always, right! Waah, I want my mommy!

Everyone who signed up for early tester prices has been made aware of any pitfalls and areas that need to finalised or improved with consultation.
Joshua has been brilliant with his help, support and immediate responses with the slightest issue during my install of the 6hp28 kit.

Joshua at Guru is a stand up guy with a great product and ongoing attention to detail.
Guys and companies like Guru need our support for the platform to continue or it just dies out, especially when the Johnny's are enabled!!