F82 DCT 1-2 Shift Bog/ Limiter


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Sep 12, 2022
Alright so drag racing at a strip with prep I have found my car likes to rev first gear out to 7600+. At this time it hits torque limiter 2048. As the rpms come down I'll also normally get torque limiter 128. This all results in the car killing power on the 1-2 shift and making this car stupid slow. I have gathered several data logs using different torque reduction and torque punch settings and as of one test it seemed to make it not as long but definitely still a problem. Torque reduction on first gear seems to not do much of anything as well. Clemens at XHP says its in the engine tune and not the tcu tune. Cary states every thing is working fine and I need to trial and error torque reduction. I'm starting to wonder if it has to do with my mt's being aired down to 17ish psi where the rolling diameter goes to 25.75in and it cant get to a designated speed the car wants before it shifts.

Here are my mods:

2018 m4 competition
Cary Jordan tuned on mhd
xhp stage 3
bmp port injection
pure stage 2+ turbos
full exhaust
factory intakes with bmc filters and deleted charcoal filters
305/35/18 MT ET SS
18x11 +44 Apex sm-10