E60 535xi Engine dying


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Jun 17, 2022
Hello from Germany!

Ive a problem with my E60 535xi.

07/2009 E60 535xi

The car had an rod bearing failure.
I bought a new rebuild engine from an company.
New plugs, new coils, 3x index 12 injectors (had allready 3x index 12), new HPFP, new vanos solenoids (org. BMW)

The faulty engine was replaced but now the car has a long crank, starts and then after 1sec the engine dies.

No faults in the ECU. Checked with ISTA+, INPA and MHD.

Changed the new HPFP to the old one but didnt help.
checked cables for the LPFP, all good.
Bought a new crankshaft sensor -> same Problem
Bought a new Rail Sensor -> same problem
checked fuel lines.
checked throttle body with ISTA+
checked the MSD81 for corrosion
checked all ground cables with Digitalmultimeter, they are good.
throw an extra ground cable from body to engine -> same problem
checked all fuses in the car with multimeter, all good.
checked LPFP, is runnung well.
checked the voltage from the injectors, all good.
disconnected fuel line (Rail) and cranked, fuel is coming.
Changed battery.
all connectors are connected.
10L fresh gas in the fuel tank.

When i disconnect the rail sensor, the car is running for 5sec then dies.

When car ist starting/running:
Rail pressure: 2660,3 PSI
Low fuel pressure: 88,8 PSI

Here a vid on yt with rail sensor plugged in:

Here a vid on yt where the car is running without the Rail Sensor (I think because of the fail safe program)

I hope someone can help.